You should have your new email address, a password, and the link to click for checking your email via a web browser.

If you prefer mobile email access on your hand held device using an app, scan this QR code.


Creating a blog entry is as simple as sending an email.  The subject of your email becomes the title of your blog post, and the body of your email becomes the content of your post.
To make it simple, you will receive a destination email address that is connected to your website.  For each email you send to that email address, it will create and post a new blog entry.
If your site is still under construction, you can play with this privately now.  I will clean up the testing messages that you post just trying to get the hang of it.
Typically you want your blog post to be 1 or 2 paragraphs, and you can also attach a picture.  It’s best to keep it to just one picture, and the picture’s filename is best if it doesn’t contain spaces.
All you do is compose an email and send it to the custom destination email address.  That email address is specifically hooked up to your website!  We call it “security through obscurity”, so do not share that email address with anyone.  The benefit is that it is easy, the drawback is that you cannot share it with anyone, or they can post ANYTHING to your blog.
Click Send on the email and wait 5 minutes ….. then you’ll see your post show up in the Blog section of your website!

​Your plan will either include email forwarders or hosted email.

Email forwarders – let’s say your new website is called We can create a forwarder named All email sent to that forwarder simply is forwarded to your existing Gmail/Hotmail/other email address that you already use today. You can choose “info@”, your first name, or most any other name for the email forwarder. You can never send email from the forwarded account, You will always reply to emails using your Gmail/Hotmail/other account.

Hosted email – this is a full email account. It can fully send, receive, and store emails. Some people believe this looks more professional, and also helps to keep your personal email separate from your business email. Hosted email is only included with our Deluxe and Commerce plans.

You cannot have a mix of some forwarded email addresses, and some hosted email addresses. The numbers listed on Pricing and Plans are the maximum of each, but one account cannot support a mix of forwarding emails and hosting emails.

The topic of email can be a little confusing. The phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” whereby people guess at things can really do harm if you go too far down the wrong path,  All the work required to set up email is best spent getting the user exactly what they want, otherwise we have to unravel and rebuild the correct email solution that the user truly needs. I previously taught part-time at the university level, and I love teaching and explaining technology. If the email options don’t make sense, I’d be happy to cover them in great detail with you to help you make the best choice.